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About Kisvan timber Import Export Lumber

About Kisvan Timber Corporation

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Our Timber Mill & Raw Materials Processing Plant

Located in the province of Buchanan in Liberia, our timber mill and raw materials processing plant meets the highest international standards for quality. Situated  seven km away from the port, the mill complex occupies over 10 acers and comprises  three milling plants.

The company also operates a timber storage yard and retail wood supply warehouse in Buchanan town which trades as Kisvan Timber Corporation.

Business Overview

The Kisvan Timber Corporation established in 2021 and based in Liberia. The corporation was founded and is guided by       Mr. C. Van Ngo and Mr. Kishore Gurbani.

The Group, under the leadership of our magement, provides expertise, direction and support to its multi-faceted business operations and industry-leading initiatives.

Kisvan Timber Corporation, is one of the largest timber sawmills and raw materials processing plants in Liberia, focusing on the milling and supply of high quality timber product. The company has been in operation since 2021 and has made considerable advances both in production and operation.

The company continues to improve methods, practices and performance levels.

The factory’s forests wood supplies are directly or indirectly managed by Kisvan Timber Corporation and undertakes its own logging and milling, as well as dressing, drying and packaging, to ensure consistent quality and lower costs.

We Work Together

Accompanying development with customers. Kisvan Corporation always puts the interests of customers. Reliability and responsibility to partners is Kisvan's criteria.








Current Production Range Future Growth

At Kisvan Timber Corporation we monitor the changing needs of our customer base, by continuously gathering information and undertaking market research. This keeps us at the forefront of the industry and will contribute to the delivery of dynamic and sustainable growth.

As part of the Strategy, Kisvan Timber Corporation has the following strong strategic

•It just implemented and installed a new fully automated pallet elements production line which will improve dramatically the capacity levels and decrease the associated costs

•It is at the final stages of installing and integrating a timber drying mill production line that will increase the quality of the existing production line deliverables and vastly improve the profitability of the company

•It will upgrade and enhance its existing production line in order to be able to produce high end timber product sinitiatives: Kisvan Timber Corporation. is the company that works closely with the forest authorities and other wood companies in order to secure steady supplies of wood for the factory and for the production of the needed supplies for our clients.

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