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Timber import export

Timber import export lumber values of reputation has placed in a prime position in export market. We especially proud tripling of our annual production capacity.

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Timber Import & Export International offers hardwood lumber and woods such as solid oak, beech with different shape profiles: Mouldings, Oak, borderless, wood elements

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Kisvan Timber Hardwood Logs are sustainably harvested, and custom-selected to your requirements. Our forestry and sales staff bring together decades of experience

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Kisvan Timber Hardwood Strips – the philosophy is simple: you tell us what size, quality, and color you need. Our skilled production teams read your contract

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Timber import export Hardwood Dimensions opens a world of seamless integration with our clients’ manufacturing lines.

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Kisvan Timber Hardwood Scantlings are produced in a climate-controlled environment with top quality German machinery.

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Timber import export Hardwood Glulams fuse modern design with warm aesthetics and environmental stewardship.

Kisvan Timber Corporation

Professional Timber Import Export Lumber

Timber import export

Our Timber Mill & Raw Materials Processing Plant

Located in the province of Buchanan in Liberia, our timber mill and raw materials processing plant meets the highest international standards for quality.

Situated seven km away from the port, the mill complex occupies over 10 acers and comprises three milling plants.

The company also operates a timber storage yard and retail wood supply warehouse in Buchanan town which trades as Kisvan Timber Corporation.

We operate a sustainable forestry management programme in co-operation with government authorities .

This ensures compliance with technical, environmental and legislative specifications.

Our forestry staff are skilled and professional tree markers and foresters who understand sustainable forestry practices and ensure consistent quality wood raw material.

Our Timber import export

Our Wood Products

Timber import export Corporation’ consistent product quality and excellent customer service makes us a prime supplier of timber products across West Africa Our core business is the manufacture, wholesale and supply of quality hardwood and softwood timber.

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Existing Markets

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Our primary international markets are East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

We also sell our product directly to local customers from our warehouse in Buchanan town. Here, we concentrate on stock-piling and retailing to a local market.

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Our Staff

Please get in touch with the friendly associates of Kisvan Timber Corporation

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Nick Paterson

Chief Technician

Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson

Sales Consultant

Michael Clark
Michael Clark

Logistic Warehousing

Stacy Henderson
Stacy Henderson

Support Staff

Message From the Division Manager

                    Dear Colleagues and Clients

         Since our inception in 2021, when we commenced milling and processing timber products, we have evolved into one of the most dynamic companies in our industry.

We have passed milestones in our operations resulting in a tripling of our annual production capacity, exceeding all expectations.

The result-driven performance that we have achieved, together with our values of determination, integrity and commitment, has placed us in a prime position in the export market.

We especially proud of the recognition and support of leading organizations and industry operators throughout the world and believe the prospects for Kisvan Timber Corporation continued growth and development are excellent.

In closing we would like to thank all our employees, contractors, clients and associates for their continued support and for being a part of our success.

         Yours Sincerely

          Mr. C. Van Ngo 

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Timber Testimonials

Reviews from loyal sustainable customers.

My summarize opinion of Kisvan Timber Corporation I would say “under promise and over deliver”. In short I have always found the staff to be very professional and competent hard workers, disciplined and organized, always committed to implement the best practices. In more than years of active daily working.

Sara Anderson
Sarah Anderson

We recomente Kisvan Timber, they have never let me down. What you can expect when dealing with it them is, respect, value, support, encouragement and enthusiasm. I must make it absolutely clear that for me Kisvan is considered “elite” of timber agents

George Flavius
George Flavius

Trading with Kisvan Timber we have only enjoyed superior service, superior products and more importantly a mutually rewarding partnership with Mr.Ngo as our preferred supplier. Kisvan Timber knowledge of the markets, knowledge of their products and ability to handle our procurement and logistics lets us get on with the job of selling to our own customers.

Peter Oliver
Peter Oliver